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At, we are committed to assisting business owners develop proper business exit & monetization strategy and more important being the only organization that can help owners implement the preferred option and position their business for better value.  We appreciate the collaborative approach and often partner with other advisors to deliver complete solutions to their client. If you would like to join our team of valued advisors and gain the benefit of our training, market presence and tools, feel free to complete the form below for more information.

Our Business Advisors Our advisors are enthusiastic, professional and highly qualified in the business exit & implementation arena for privately owned and family businesses, with individual expertise across a range of industries and consulting services. If you hold a certification from the following organizations you may benefit from joining our network.

        • Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors
        • Business Enterprise Institute
        • Exit Planning Institute
        • Pinnacle Equity
The Benefits We provide access to rigorous training, leading edge proprietary consulting tools and resources. Our advisors use a specific framework, process and structure to address business exit & transition issues such as readiness, personal objective, value gap, exit strategies, building business value, financial performance, managing change, transaction management and more.  

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