Maximizing Your Value

One key question you must answer regardless of whether a transition involves family, co‐owners, employees, or a third party, “Why would someone want to buy my business?” There must be clear and compelling reasons for others to see value in your business. Maximum business value can be realized when a buyer can clearly see that the business can operate successfully and independently of the owner and one that can predictably continue to generate earnings in the future.

Staging a business for exit or transition by its very nature can be disruptive if it is not managed properly. In reality, it can be a long process and in most cases will require the careful stewardship of an experienced business transition specialist. Our experts can help you prepare a business for sale in a way that maximizes the value of the business – and achieve your personal and financial objectives.


Eliminating Business’ Dependency on the Owner – The Importance of a Management Team

Ronen Shefer,

Ask yourself this question; If you decided to take six months off from the business – as opposed to the old “what happen if you get hit by a bus” question – can your business survive without you for an extended period of time? If your answer is Yes, congratulations! You have achieved something most business owners only dream about. If your answer is No however, you should consider implementing strategies to lessen the business dependency on you.

Owning a Business is the Ultimate Balancing Act

Ronen Shefer,

50% of business fail within the first 5 years of business and less than 1/3 of businesses survive 10 years+. Many of these companies failed simply due to their inability to juggle multiple areas of their businesses at once. The dropping of the ball when it comes to financial planning and monitoring, marketing, staffing, inventory management, order processing, customer mining and acquisition, billing, to only name a few, can be devastating to a company’s vitality.

Signs you are ready to expand your business

Are you finally pushing profit margins into the green? Great! But do not jump on the expansion wagon just yet… Take a breather, reassess and make sure that your business ticks the boxes (or at least most of them) that signal you are ready for growth.


The Importance of Calculating Your Business Value


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