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Best practice dictates that managing the sale or transfer of a business requires a team of specialist advisors that have extensive experience and industry knowledge. Particularly advisors who are proactive in providing their clients with valuable information on the key elements you should consider when transitioning a business.

You might be thinking: “Why do I need a team of specialist advisors?” The answer is very simple, transferring your business is a unique event, and likely outside the scope of your current advisors’ experience. Advisors with the right exit & transition experience not only add value but they increase the likelihood of achieving your exit objectives.

Our experts can help you manage the sales process and coordinate the work of your advisors from the early stages of creating the offer memorandum, through the letter of intent, due diligence process, purchase agreement, walking you through and supporting you all the way towards closing.


What is an Offering Memorandum?

Written By: Teresa Shefer-

Business owners who are considering exiting their businesses within the next 5 years should become acquainted with the Offering Memorandum. The OM, also known by other industry names, is a data rich marketing document designed to highlight your company’s positive attributes to a prospective buyer. Businesses are rarely sold without the exchange and review of the OM or a version of it.

How To Buy Out The Boss: 12 Laws To Every Insider Deal

The following is an edited excerpt from the book, Buying Out the Boss: The Successor’s Guide to Succession Planning, by Michael Vann and Kevin Vann.

The Keys to a Successful Merger

Terry Shepherd,

Your business sale is imminent and due diligence is about to begin. For you to stay on after the transaction with either a continued stock interest, an earn out agreement based on reaching revenue milestones post transaction, or some other financial incentive, work is required from you and the buyer leading up to the sale, to make sure it is the right fit and to help ensure its success.


The Importance of Preparing an Offer Memorandum

When Is The Right Time To Cash Out


Calculation of Value
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Offer Memorandum for Sale – “The Book”
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